Welcome to The Hope Directive

Building leaders, 

who build cultures

that build nations.

Meet the leaders

Andy & Janine Mason, Founders | Heaven in Business & The Hope Directive

Andy & Janine believe a painter and a plumber and a principal and a politician can be just as called as a preacher.

Years ago, they left a thriving career in New Zealand to move to the United States and "start over" (with a house full of kids!), with the unique dream of seeing ONE MILLION people clearly demonstrate partnership with God in their place of work‚ÄĒ distinguished from among their colleagues by the tangible presence and power of God.

They work towards this goal through their efforts with Heaven in Business (as a for- profit organization), as well as through The Hope Directive (to take the Heaven in Business resources to kingdom leaders around the world who need them most but can afford them the least).

The Hope Directive takes the Heaven in Business tools and training to kingdom-leaders in strategic positions around the world.

Many who need the resources the most are the ones that can least afford them.

Here's what we model and train.

1. Understand your Identity

The wisdom of Heaven works everywhere. Step one is an experiential understanding of who God made you to be and how He wants to personally partner with you in all life.

2. Build a Thriving Culture

As you implement Kingdom principles in your life and leadership, you build thriving organizations that display the life of Christ from products to payroll.

3. Engage Your City's Wellbeing

Meeting your own needs and that of your organization are minimum standards. We are also called to practically seek the wellbeing of the community we live in.   

Our Strategy

We leverage the learning, resources and results of the last 20+ years training believers around the world.

We intentionally multiply these to people groups who have less access, and invest in the long term advancement of their nations.

Step 1 | We work with local leaders

We intentionally build relationship through Kingdom leaders - business, government, education - who already have strategic relationships in place and know the areas we can help the most.

Our first priority is the sustainable spiritual, relational and financial growth (ie. discipleship) of the leader (family) in their assignment.

This looks like regular coaching, encouragement and whatever resource serves best 

Pictured here are Tommy and Rachel Deuschle, a Zimbabwe host partner.

Step 2 | We activate & multiply skillsets

We take joy in knowing people smarter and more experienced than ourselves. Some of those people just don't realize it... yet!

So, we invite selected individuals ('team') to join us on in-person trips where we guide and give opportunity for their their gifting to immediately multiply in the lives of those we serve.

The result win:win:win. More laborers are activated. More people are served. People are served better than we could do so by ourselves.

Step 3 | Together we identify & fill the gaps 

Every community and culture is unique. We work through local leaders to identify the gaps and opportunities before them, and provide next level resources to facilitate growth.

This looks like training events, curriculum translation and facilitated connections that become force-multipliers. We also give grants and sponsorships in strategic situations that enhance the mission.

"I have sent you to set in order what is lacking and appoint leaders in every place." See Titus 1:5.

Results from 2023


‚úĒ¬†10 different leaders/organizations resourced

‚úĒ¬†7 workshops across 3 nations

‚úĒ¬†9 individuals activated as 'team' (paid their own way)

‚úĒ 900+ leaders¬†connected, trained

‚úĒ Oustanding feedback and¬†strengthened relationships

‚úĒ¬†<5%¬† administrative cost - primarily website building
        (Heaven in Business covers admin overhead)

‚úĒ We begin 2024 with even more resources, opportunites and a strategy to execute!



Three Ways You Can Multiply Impact

Option 1 | Multiply the mission of the Hope Directive

As a registered 501c3, your gifts are tax deductible. We have an independant governance board for accountability and wise counsel.


Option 2 | Multiply mentoring & resources

Our first priority is the sustainable spiritual, relational and financial growth (ie. discipleship) of the leader (family) in their assignment. This looks like regular coaching, encouragement and whatever resource serves best .

We are also translating and distributing Heaven in Business curriculum & resources through our Hope Directive local partners.


Option 3 | Travel + train with us

To make the most of our travel time, we host leadership retreats just before or after each of our mission trips. When you attend a leadership initiative, you underwrite the costs of the local event or program plus add your own wisdom and experience where it can be leveraged the most.

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